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The Living Voices: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve ?.

Anita Kerr

In a blogpost of December  19th. I reported about the great LP “Little Drummer Boy” sung by the Living Voices. This album had been arranged and conducted by Anita Kerr so it has an unmistakable “Kerr Singers” signature. The album has never been re-released or re-mastered on CD and has become a collectors item. Still there are a lot of people who would like to listen again to this brilliant 1965 record. It is available for download on, a website full of X-mas memorabilia. Listen to “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” (words and music by Frank Loesser) and how Anita managed  to mix it with an “Auld Lang Syne” flavor.


Oldie But Goldie: Living Voices – Little Drummer Boy.

Somewhere in the seventies we bought the vinyl LP “Little Drummer Boy” by the Living Voices. The LP had been released in 1965 by the RCA Camden label and a lot of people still remember this album from their childhood. The music had been arranged and conducted by Anita Kerr and the whole setting is a typical sixties sound with a small combo and Kerr’s great arrangements. It contains three medleys of Christmas standards as well as songs like Blue Christmas and of course Little Drummer Boy. The album has never been re-released or digitally remastered on CD and so MP3 files were difficult to find, although all the songs are available on You Tube. I recently found a blog where you can the complete album, which seems to be a collector’s item today.


Een bijzonder Kerstalbum:”Christmas – Singers Unlimited”.

Voor een bijzonder Kerstalbum, naast dat van de Anita Kerr Singers (zie blogpost), is er een album dat wat mij betreft in de categorie “subliem” thuishoort, en dat is  Christmasvan Singers Unlimited. Wij draaien dit album bij ons thuis al jaren en het verveelt NOOIT. Singers Unlimited werd opgericht door de geniale ex-Hi-Lo’s aanvoerder en arrangeur Gene Purling die ook zijn Hi-Lo collega Don Shelton bij de groep haalde en aanvulde met zangeres Bonnie Herman en Len Dresslar. In 1972 namen ze het “Christmas” album op in de gereputeerde MPS Studio in Duitsland. Kippenvel !


Anita Kerr Singers: What Month Was Jesus Born.

Anita Kerr

In our family we are always glad when  it is December 6 after the Dutch “Sinterklaasfeest”, because then we can start playing our Xmas CD collection. Our absolute favorite LP/CD is ‘Little Drummer Boy”, in particular the song “What Month Was Jesus Born” by the Anita Kerr  Singers. Somewhere in the seventies we had bought the vinyl LP but when the CD was introduced there was no CD version of this great album available. Too our deepest regret I must say. Luckily enough a couple of years ago our daughter found  the complete album somewhere on the net and so December 6 (today) is the time for the Anita Kerr Singers and “What Month Was Jesus Born”. Click on04 Track 04 6 to play the MP3.

Bij ons thuis zijn we altijd blij als het 6 December is omdat we dan onze Kerstmis CD collectie tevoorschijn kunnen halen. Onze absolute favoriet is de LP/CD “Little Drummer Boy”, met name het nummer “What Month Was Jesus Born”  van de Anita Kerr Singers, Ergens in de jaren ’70 hadden we de LP gekocht maar met de introductie van de CD was er helaas geen CD versie van dit album. Tot onze grote spijt moet ik zeggen. Gelukkig vond onze dochter een paar jaar geleden het complete album ergens op het net en vandaag is het dus weer tijd voor de Anita Kerr Singers en “What Month Was Jesus Born”. Klik op 4 Track 04 6 om de MP3 af te spelen.


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