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Oscar,Niels and Joe: The Trio.

As Norman Granz was the business manager of both Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass it was logical he would bring the two giants together on his new founded Pablo recording label. He did so by recording and releasing the album The Trio with Joe Pass and Niels Pedersen on doublebass. The albums showed how seamlessly Pass had combined his own playing with the highly competitive dialogue of Petersen and Pedersen. The album won a Grammy Award. Here is a video recorded twelve years later in Italy where the trio performs “Cake Walk”. It is a witness of the longtime period this fantastic trio worked together.

Source: Hershorn, Ted  – Norman Granz – The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice – University of California Press 2011 – ISBN 978-0-520-26782-4


Richard Cook: Blue Note Records – The Biography.

On the cover Lee Morgan as photographed by Francis Wolff

Today I finished the book by Richard Cook: Blue Note Records – The Biography. Originally published in the UK in 2001. Blue Note records was founded by the German immigrants Alfred Lion and Frank Wolff, who started the label with a first recording session on 6th January 1939. The book is not so much about the two founders but focuses on the endless stream of released (and not released) jazzalbums , the musicians, the repertoire and the ups and downs of the label in both artistic and financial terms. The book also describes the relaunch of the label in 1984  when EMI hired Bruce Lundvall, an Elektra Records executive and jazzfan. A fantastic story which is in fact also a description of the history of Hardbop. Highly recommended for all jazzfans who have an interest in the history of jazz. Here a YT video of one of the Blue Note heroes, Horace Silver with his famous composition “Song for my Father”.

Cook, Richard -Blue Note Records, 2001,2003 Justin,Charles & Co.,Publishers.

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